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What is Stochastic Gradient?

If you are familiar with Machine Learning algorithms, you know what Stochastic Gradient  Descent is..if not, here's a nice Wiki link to help you:

I believe that (good) data will help you understand why things happen..even if the iterative process of analysis might seem tedious at eventually converge to the answer, just like the gradient descent algorithm, making it all worth it!


My objective in setting up this site is to deliver perspectives and thought leadership on contemporary topics in Data Science, ML and AI with a focus on business relevance. I am also eager to share my expertise through workshops on Digital Transformation Readiness and other advisory/consulting services. 

Blogs that I recently published can be found here.

About Me

I am a business technology professional with 25+ years of experience in a diverse set of roles with a diverse group of companies. I have stayed close to technology all through my career but my passion for technology is limited to how it serves a business need or directly benefits mankind. More about me here.

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