Need a Thought Partner?

Why me?

I believe I have a fairly unique combination of business and technology experience (consulting, sales, strategy, large transformations) and a keen intellect for integrating business strategy with IT strategy. 

I am open to serving all kinds of project needs (few hours, few days or few months) with the explicit purpose of creating lasting impact for you and your customers. 

I hold myself to a very high bar for quality and offer a 'pay only if satisfied' arrangement. I can assist in several ways (outlined below) and I welcome the opportunity to be your thought partner, your advisor, or your 'get it done' guy. I am very hands on and no task is too small or trivial.

Improving Sales Effectiveness

  1. 1. Lead and facilitate client workshops, work with sales team to review sales proposals, help create powerful messaging for proposal/RFP responses, 
  2. Brainstorm opportunities for proactive sales pitches, co-author high quality thought leadership articles .  Experience with this...

Building New Capability, Product Development

Develop the business case supported with primary market analysis, and competitive intelligence for establishing a new capability (e.g. practice) or defining a new product/solution. Develop the GTM strategy for this new capability with proforma financials, and a sales enablement framework. Experience with this...

IT Strategy

Are your customers and stakeholders happy with the services delivered? What seem to be "chronic" problems with IT that need a fresh perspective on? How is your organization keeping up with Cloud and Digital? IT strategy development starts with a rigorous "health check" to identify core issues and culminates in a very actionable strategy that will re-energizes' the team - looking at the people, process and technology elements.

Program Management

Set up large transformation initiatives, structure the program leadership and governance, define effective metrics and communication models to ensure full transparency and complete accountability. Experience with this...

Market Research

Need some research done on markets, products, vendors that is specific to your situation and where a standard report (Gartner, Forrester,..) isn't very helpful? Let me create a custom report tailored for the audience of your choice.