Digital Readiness Workshops

What can you expect?

How can you get started? How can you prioritize among many competing priorities? What is your business problem statement? What metrics will help monitor and measure success? What would be a good set of pilot projects?.

Structured as a 1-day workshop with your leadership team with participation from relevant cross-functional groups, this "working" workshop will be  step 1 in your digital journey. You should expect to end the day with a concrete:

  1. Definition of the business problem(s) that you want to tackle
  2. Set of metrics that will let you measure progress
  3. Governance structure to review progress, and make "fill or kill" decisions
  4. Candidate set of pilot projects
  5. Roles and responsibilities of an 'Agile project team' that will lead execution of pilot projects

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The workshop can be tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of your business. The same goes for deliverables, the starting point can be adjusted so that your team gets maximum value for time spent.

If you want to explore this further, please reach out via the contact button below.